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Information Security Framework

The information created, processed, and used by your business is one of its most valuable assets. The disclosure, compromise or unavailability of this asset can severely impact a company, constitute a breach of laws and regulations, and negatively affect your brand name.

If you are not sure what risks your organisation faces or how well you are protecting against those risks, the Information Security Framework is the place to start.

The Information Security Framework (ISF) from the IAAITC

The IAAITC ISF adopts a Risk Management methodology and is a simple 5 step process enabling businesses to quickly adopt and deploy a cost effective Information Security Management System that will ensure their compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

The ISF includes the following materials to help with deployment:

  • Introductory Guides
  • The Information Security Framework
  • The Data Protection Act 1998
  • Information Security
  • Protecting your Data
  • Implementation Toolkit
  • Critical Asset Worksheets
  • Comprehensive Control Set
  • Policy Templates
  • How to Implement an ISMS
  • Policy Reference Manual
  • Staff Awareness
  • Posters
  • Best Practice Fact Sheets
  • Online Assessments

Skynet Computer Solutions has staff trained on the implementation and deployment of the ISF, and help organisations to successfully deploy the ISF.

From this process you get three important services. Advice on the risks that your organisation faces. An assessment of how well you are currently protecting against those risks. And a gap analysis to show what you need to do to address any issues.

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