Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is about accessing and using software over the internet.  It offers a more flexible approach to computing, allowing you to increase capacity without investing in new equipment or buying expensive software licences.

Skynet Computer Solutions offer a mix of cloud computing services, including Microsoft Office 365 for hosted email, online accounts with the award winning Xero package, and the latest design software with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Security, back-ups & disaster recovery.  Disaster recovery is built in to Cloud infrastructure. Data is stored in the Cloud & backed up as part of the service. Have confidence that your data is safe!

Multi Platform Support.  Allows users to access the service on any computer, whether you use Windows, Apple or Linux.  Most services also include options for accessing them on your smartphone or iPad.

Flexible.  You only purchase what you need.  Licences are scalable & flexible to grow with your company.

Accessible from anywhere.   Communicate with your team more effectively or it just may simply mean you don’t need an office! All you need is an internet connection.

Lower setup costs.  Most cloud software is available on a subscription model, so you pay for a service on a per user per month basis. This reduces your capital expenditure & upfront costs.

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